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London Helmet

107,44 €

Simple and elegant with a retro look. Very compact and lightweight.

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This lightweight approved helmet made of Nugema® thermoplastic is designed for those who make motorcycling a lifestyle..

How to choose your helmet size?

To choose the right helmet size for you, measure the perimeter of your head approximately 2 cm above the eyebrows. The result will be a measurement in centimeters. Look for this number in the helmet marking.
If doubting between two sizes, always choose the one that fits most snugly. The interior comfort pads usually compress with use.


Quick micrometric fasteners. Comfortable and easy to handle even with gloves.

Nugema® thermoplastic resin outer shell.

Removable, washable interior. Hypoallergenic, antibacterial pads are very easy to remove and disassemble for washing with water and neutral soap.

3D screen that improves aerodynamic and visual performance.