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Power and accuracy, to enjoy fast, precise play thanks to the superior density of the EVA composite.

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Control & comfort. Enjoy playing comfortably thanks to the paddle’s high-density EVA compound. Pre-impregnated aerospace carbon fiber, high mechanical strength and superior elasticity. Maximum control due to its even balance and configuration. Greater striking and sweet spot surface area, the result of non-tubular frame technology.


Game type: Attack

Weight: 355 ± 5gr

Profile section: 38 mm

Level of play: Advanced

Paddle Shape: Round

Anti-shock protector: “Protape” protective tape

Weight Balance:High “Fat Top".

Materials: Pre-impregnated aerospace carbon fiber, low-density core.


Customers are liable for up to 10% of first-time damages. After that, each case is analyzed and, if at fault, VONES will refund the non-conforming paddle. VONES will be liable for obvious product non-conformity.